Your school or club recommends GD XPRO laminated mouthguards to be worn in sport practice or competition and have approved for you to receive this information.

Mouthguards are worn in just about every sport these days, and many codes are making it compulsory to do so. We also observe that the users are starting to do so at a much younger age. This not only reduces injury but establishes good habits for later years.

The fact is that the majority of mouthguards worn in Australia today are the boil and bite type, which are freely sold over the counter at chemists and sport stores. It is also a fact that all dental professionals agree that the only safe mouthguard is one which is custom made for the individual and not one which is bought over the counter.

Professional custom made mouthguards are very comfortable to wear but more importantly they greatly reduce the risk of injuries such as broken and chipped teeth, cut lips and tongues, broken jaws, neck injuries and concussion.

Galadent Dental has been in the business of fabricating custom made mouthguards for over thirty years.

We provide a unique dental service, whereby experienced dental professionals will visit your club or school on a pre-determined day to take the dental impressions.

These impressions are returned to our laboratory where qualified dental technicians prepare the models and fabricate individual custom laminated mouthguards.

The mouthguards are then returned, to your club or school for distribution. Galadent takes pride in being the original supplier of this service in WA.

“The most important piece of protective equipment, is a professionally fitted custom-laminated GD XPRO mouthguard”

Frank Galati - Galadent Dental
Laboratories GD XPRO Mouthguards


  • Offer Superior Comfort and Protection

  • Are designed to allow for Erupting Teeth

  • Are replaced if outgrown within the Season

  • Are replaced at 50% cost if lost within the Season

  • Are supplied with a labelled carry container

  • Qualify for Health Fund Rebates using item numbers 014 and 151.


If you would like to be fitted with one of our professional custom laminated mouthguards please complete the following 4 steps:

Step 1

Select a Mouthguard Type
(If unsure our staff will assist)

Step 2

Select a Mouthguard Colour

Step 3

Complete Payment Details

Step 4

Complete Personal Details
and Medical History

Click the button below to download the Mouthguard order form.

If filling the form out digitally, please save it onto your computer first and then fill out the fields, as the fields will not save if entered in some browsers.

If you have filled out this form, please print in landscape and remember to bring it with you on the day of the fitting.

Hard copies are also available on fitting day.