The best defence


A custom-laminated, professionally-fitted mouthguard is one of the most important pieces of protective equipment you can arm yourself with.


Not only are our state of the art mouthguards very comfortable to wear, but more importantly they greatly reduce the risk of injuries such as broken and chipped teeth, cut lips and tongue, broken jaws, neck injuries and concussion.

At Galadent, we exclusively create our custom laminated mouthguards under the GD XPRO brand. Superior to both the traditional boil and bite styles brought over the counter at chemists and sport stores, and single foil custom mouthguards. A great mouthguard starts off with a great impression, and we are experts at taking great impressions unlike the take your own impression kits available these days.

Galadent is not a newcomer to the mouthguard industry. We have been crafting custom mouthguards for almost fourty years, in fact we were one of the original suppliers of custom mouthguards to clubs and schools in Perth.

The ergonomically-engineered GD XPRO series is a tried and tested product of our own research and design. These mouthguards are strategically crafted to reduce injury against even the toughest knocks, whilst still offering superior comfort, setting you up for success during the game, and leaving you with a perfect smile after.


Spoilt For Choice

All four of our GD XPRO products are available in a range of colours and patterns.

Download our form to see colours, patterns, and pricing options, learn more about the GD XPRO range, or start the ordering process by filling in the mouthguard form.

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Hard copies are also available on fitting day.



Ages 2-6

Designed for growing mouths, this dual-layered mouthguard is ideal for young children, especially first-time wearers and those who still have all baby teeth present.


Ages 7-12

A multi-layered mouthguard boasting extra comfort and protection. A number-one fit for Junior players who have a mixture of baby teeth and adult teeth.


Ages 13+

Perfect for teens and adults of any sport, but an absolute must for ‘stick’ sports and vigorous contact games. The heavy-duty multi-layered design provides superior protection against hard contact.


Professional Players

The ultimate in custom technology; there’s no higher tri-laminate quality. Providing the utmost protection, comfort, and fit, the Ultimo is the mouthguard of choice for high-level athletes.

Added Benefits

GD XPRO custom laminated mouthguards

  • Qualify for all Health Fund rebates using item numbers 014 and 151

  • Provide higher rebates for HBF members (HBF Members Plus provider)

  • Offer superior comfort and protection

  • Are designed to allow for erupting teeth

  • Are replaced if outgrown within the season

  • Are replaced at 50% cost if lost within the season

  • Come with a labelled carry container


Individual appointments are welcomed at our clinic.
Please contact us for an appointment.



We’re proactive in partnering with WA schools and sporting clubs to ensure athletes of all ages receive the highest oral protection possible. For groups of ten or more players, we travel to our partners, take moulds onsite, and have every mouthguard returned in a timely manner.

If you’re interested in supplying your local sport stars with premium mouthguards, contact us and find out more about becoming a Galadent Partner. You’ll join an already thriving community of GD XPRO players.


"The service at Galadent is second to none!"